Epik High Vol. 6 – E (released)

01 [e]motion Oceans. Sand. Trees
02 Slow Motion
03 Gift feat. Park Ji Yoon
04 No More Christmas
05 Maze feat. Dumbfounded, MYK
06 Guitar – Skit
07 Trot
08 Emologue
09 Excuses feat. MYK
10 Moonwalker
11 Breathe (Mithra’s World) feat. Han Hee Jung
12 Happy Birthday to Me feat. Ha Dong Gyun
13 Heaven feat. MYK
14 Owls. Shadows. Tears
15 Slow [e] Motion Bonus Track

01 [e]nergy Orchestras. Spotlights. Turntables. Feat. MYK
02 Still Here feat. Kok2
03 Sensitive Thug (Skit)
04 Follow It (Wannabe) feat. Mellow
05 Rocksteady feat. Kero One, Dumbfounded, MYK, Rakka (Dilated Peoples)
06 Madonna feat. Mellow
07 Very Last Days
08 Shopholic
09 Supreme 100
10 High Technology
11 Rocksteady Korean Ver/ feat Paloalto, Dok2,Beatbox Dg, Beenzino
12 High Skool Dropout
13 Scar feat MYK, YDG, Dok2
14 Lesson 4 Tablo’s World
15 Organs. Screams. Televisions

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High releases a new album which includes songs in which the lyrics were
written by the members themselves as well as a mini booklet of photos
also taken by themselves. This 2 CD, 30 song album is Epik High’s first
complete studio album produced under their independent label. Epik High
goes back to the roots of hip-hop by exploring and integrating
different genres, including old school, electronica, classical, trance,
drum and bass, bossa nova, and even trot, in fabulous new numbers like
the main track “Wannabe” and the Michael Jackson homage “Moonwalker.” Many
of Epik High’s regular collaborators like MYK, YDG, Dok2, Kero One,
Mellow, and Ha Dong Kyun feature in the album. (credits to YesAsia)

Lee Seung Ki Vol. 4 – Shadow (released)

01 Like a Flower
02 Wedding Veil
03 Let’s Break Up
04 Melody
05 Love is Spinning
06 Love Is
07 That’s How I Knew
08 I Want You
09 Abandonment
10 For a Long Long Time (feat. AMEN)

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Seung Ki who is constantly showing fans new charms through dramas,
entertainment shows, music, and commercials has returned with his
fourth studio album, titled Shadow. There are a total of 10 tracks in
the album, each showing another side of him. The title track is “Let’s
Break Up” which was composed by top composers Kim Do Hoon and Lee Hyun
Seung. This song showcases Lee Seung Gi’s vocal skills.

Yoon Do Hyun (mini-album) – Harmony (September 24)

01 I Wish It Was You
02 Alright
03 Remember
04 Fly, Penguin
05 I Wish It Was You Piano Ver.

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Do Hyun Band finally returns with a new mini album, Harmony. Jun Hae
Sung who was responsible for writing “I Must Have Loved,” which received
the most love in 2005, has joined hands with Yoon Do Hyun once again.
The song they worked on together on is “I Wish It Was You,” the
title track of the album. It is a neo classic ballad that uses a synth
orchestra. It brings out the sadness of the song and fans can hear a
whole new different side of Yoon Do Hyun’s vocals. This album includes
songs of various genres such as ballad, rock, and semi-reggae, thus how
the album title, Harmony came about.

Kim Jung Min Vol. 7 – Beautiful My Life (September 22)

01 Beautiful My Life
02 Someday
03 I Can’t Separate
04 Thank You Friend
05 Women Betray Men
06 The Road to You -Duet
07 The Road to You – Solo
08 Trinity
09 Beautiful My Life MR
10 I Can’t Separate MR

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Rock ballad artist, Kim Jung Min, who was top singer in the 90s has made
a comeback with his 7th album. The album starts off with beautiful
piano melody which is followed by Kim’s vocals. The song, “I Can’t
Separate” is a remake song that talks about his love interest, Tani
Rumiko, a singer in Japan. Another song worth mentioning is “Thank You
Friend” which was composed, penned, and features fellow singer, Jo Jang
Hyuk. The last track is “Trinity” which is used for the online game
Trinity Online.

T-Ara & Cho Shin Sung (single) – TTL (Time To Love) (released)

01 TTL (Time to Love)

and Cho Shin Sung releases a project single, TTL (Time to Love). T-ara
had debuted this year with the song “Lie” and had already gained many
fans. Cho Shin Sung, on the other hand, who is also in the same company
as T-ara,debuted in 2007 and in 2008 released hit song, “Super Star.” The
song, “TTL” is sung by T-ara members, So Yeun, Eun Jung, Hyo Min, Ji Yeun
and Cho Shin Sung members, Ji Hyuk, Kwang Soo, and Gun Il. The song is
of the house hip-hop genre with electronica sounds along with a Korean

Other releases:

Kimcic – 산행 (released)
Janinto – Janinto V (released)
Heo Min – Blossom (released)
Dae Hee Vol. 1 – 첫번째 열정 (released)
Moon Sa Chul – 장철의 달 (released)
Lee Sang Hun Vol. 1 – 여행하는 사람들 (September 21)
Go Eun (mini-album) – Lie (September 22)
Various Artists – Chocolate (September 22)
Memory Vol. 1 – The Peacock 001 (September 23)
Gn.E – Loveback/Dream (September 23)
Junjack Vol. 1 – Funky Love Songs (September 23)
Moonshiners – 모험광백서 (September 24)
Jimmy Strain Vol. 2 – Future (September 25)
Inoo Vol. 1 – 인우화 (September 25)

Sources: Hanteo, Kyobobook, YesAsia, Dosirak, Naver
credits to motoway065 for translations