Davichi mini-album Vol. 2 – Innocence (released)

01 Time, Stop
02 First Kiss
03 Don’t Leave
04 Can’t Love, Can’t Part
05 Shadow

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Davichi, who has continuously released hits after hits including “8282” and “Sad Promise” gained much popularity within the past two years. In addition to their regular activities, the duo has also taken part in project groups and has sung for various soundtracks during their musical career. This year, Davichi are to return with a new mini album, 1 year and 3 months since their last. Top composers have come together to help create this album including Bang Shi Hyuk who is responsible for composing their title track, “Time, Stop.” This powerful song is of the punk rock genre.

8Eight mini-album Vol. 1 – The Bridge (May 11)

01 Intro: Love is Leaving
02 Breakup is Coming
03 Even If the Face Changes
04 Star
05 Expiration Date
06 Outro: The Bridge

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8eight who received much love last year with their hit song, “Don’t Have a Heart” has returned with their first mini album, The Bridge. They have collaborated with Bang Shi Hyuk once again with title track, “Breakup is Coming,” a sad ballad about a couple who has just separated. 2PM member, Nickkhun is to star in the music video for the upcoming song.

Brown Eyed Soul 2nd single – Love Ballad/Never Forget (May 10)

01 Love Ballad
02 Never Forget

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Brown Eyed Soul, who had released a double single, “Will Move Aside”/”Blowin’ My Mind” in March has returned once again with their second double single, “Love Ballad”/”Never Forget” to showcase their clear colors and make a big impact to the public. “Love Ballad” will garner the interests of music listeners who had continuously loved the group’s music. The four members’ vocals harmonize well and Naul’s adlibs are worth hearing. Brown Eyed Soul had also returned to fans with a new concept through the song, “Never Again.” This song will move one’s body before moving one’s heart with its refreshing groovy beats. It has the smooth soul sounds reminiscent of the 70s and 80s.

Lyn Vol. 6 Part 2 – Candy Train (May 13)

01 Date Me
02 Darling, Honey, Love
03 Ah.Ah!
04 Special Day
05 Sweetheart

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Lyn makes a comeback after half a month with the second installation of her sixth album, Candy Train. Through this album, Lyn hopes to shows another side of her with brighter love songs. This album is for those who are waiting for their love one or have already fallen in one. The title track is “Darling, Honey, Love” composed by hit maker, Hwang Seong Je, who had also produced her previous album. It is a cute medium tempo R&B track with strong hip hop beats, perfect for this spring season.

Lee Jung Hyun Vol. 7 – Wanted (May 10)

01 Lee Jung Hyun 007th
02 Shady Man
03 Iniminimanimo
04 Vogue Girl (It Girl)
05 Why Are You Like This
06 Fate
07 Crazy
08 Avatar
09 You’re Mine
10 2night
11 Miro I
12 Miro II

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Asia’s top singer, performance and transformation queen, Lee Jung Hyun has returned this year with her seventh studio album, Wanted. This time, the singer has come back as a 007 killer, who wants revenge on her lover who has betrayed her. The title track is “Shady Man” is an upbeat synth number with lyrics about the pain a woman feels after being betrayed by her lover. This “hook song” will capture the ears of listeners with its melody. Also included in the album is “Iniminimanimo” a cheerful electronica number about love games and “Avatar” the title derived from Lee Jung Hyun’s stage name, AVA.

Rumble Fish – I Am Me (May 13)

01 Intro
02 Toxic
03 1 Second 2 Seconds
04 What to Do
05 At the End, We…
06 He’s My Man
07 What to Do (INST)

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Rumble Fish, who had released many hit songs including “Go,” “Eulachacha” and “Smile Again” has returned with a new mini album, I Am Me. The album was produced by vocalist Choi Jini herself. The title track is “What to Do” which unlike their previous songs is a heart wrenching ballad. It was composed by Kim Won and penned by the vocalist herself. An orchestra has also taken part in the song to further bring out the gloomy mood.

Kara (single) – We’re With You (released)

01 We’re With You
02 We’re With You REMIX
03 We’re With You INST
04 We’re With You REMIX INST

Popular girl group, Kara who had recently gained much fame through songs such as “Lupin” and “Mister” has released a new single, “We’re With You” in preparation for the upcoming World Cup. The single that goes by the same title, has a bright melody and lyrics that will capture listeners’ ears right away. This cheer song was composed by the famous Han Jae Ho and Kim Seung So combo.

T-Ara (single) – We Are The One (released)

01 We Are the One

T-ara has released a new single “We Are the One” which is a World Cup song composed by hit maker Jo Yeong Su and penned by Kim Tae Hyeon. This cheer song was also recorded with a 500 member choir and will be sung at arenas to cheer on the Korea team. T-ara is currently doing well with songs, “I’m Going Crazy Because of You” and “I’m Hurting A Lot Because of You”.

Other releases:

ZE:A – Leap For Detonation: repack (released)
Lee Hyun (single) – Step (released)
J’kyun – Rebirthday (released)
Yoon Jong Shin – Monthly Project 2010 May (released)
Taesabiae (single) – First Love (released)
Kim Kyung Hyun – Bad Man’s Confession (released)
Tobacco Juice Vol. 2 – 설레발 (released)
Double K – Ink Music (May 11)
Storyseller – Super Girls (May 11)
Maroo Vol. 3 – Remember (May 11)
Kwon Woo Yoo Vol. 1 – 위대한 항해 (May 11)
Jun Won Joon – The Moment Of Truth (May 11)
Newk – Heavy Life (May 11)
Blue Brand Vol. 2 – Trauma (May 12)
Epitone Project – 유실물 보관소 (May 12)

Sources: Hanteo, Kyobobook, YesAsia, Dosirak, Naver
credits to motoway065 for translations