SS501 (mini-album) – Destination (Special Edition: released, Standard Edition: May 31)

1. Let Me Be The One
2. Love Ya
3. Crazy 4 U
4. For Forever
5. Let Me Be The One (Acoustic Ver.)
6. Love Ya (Inst.)

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After their mini album last September [REBIRTH], SS501 is recognised for [Love Like This],[WASTELAND],[Just One Day]is back with new mini-album (DESTINATION). SS501 worked on this album for 3 months after finishing their Asia Tour. This album worked as a world project and even the jacket cuts are gaining attention. American Producer Steven Lee who worked with REBIRTH (famous for global gold disks) is back for another run and this album is quite universal with a combination of American, European and and Korean sounds. This album can be recognised and differentiated from other groups for less electronic sounds but more piano, lived based to express SS501’s sincere emotions.

A special feature is the Kevin DK Davis (famous his work as Ne-Yo and Rhianna’s mixing engineer) and Ken Lewis participated as mixing engineers and have upgraded SS501’s music one step up, especially the title song. The title song LOVE YA is produced by Steven Lee and rings out with the harmony of the orchestra and piano. This allows SS501’s powerful but sincerity to be expressed. The first song – Let Me Be The One is produced by Steven Lee, Sean, Alexander that also produced Love Like This as well as Andrew Mieux’s traditional R&B allows SS501’s mature voice to emerge. Kevin Davis who introduced hits NE-YO’s “SO SICK,” “CLOSER,” “BECAUSE OF YOU,” as well as recently billboard chart number 1 RIHANNA’s “RUDE BOY” into the world participated as mixer. CRAZY 4 U was a hit during PERSONA asia tour that was not included in their past album hence is in this album due to popular demand by fans. The final track “For Forever” was worked on in England and finished in Frankfurt, Germany demonstrates a great scale as European pop song and the lyrics were written by SS501 member Heo Young Saeng himself.

Wax – Unplugged Side B (released)

1. Want and regret
2. Already a year
3. The path to me
4. Emergency room
5. The day I met you
6. Good person
7. Want and regret (inst)
8. Already a year (inst)
9. The path to me (inst)
10. Emergency room (inst)
11. The day I met you (inst)
12. Good person (inst)

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Ballad queen Wax releases her second remake album Unplugged Side B. Side A was released earlier this year with title song “All smiling people are beutiful” and “Farewell story – a duet with Jo Kwon (2AM)” with good results. Wax has remade Brown Eyes’ famous hit “Already a year” as well as recent song by Sung Shi Kyoung, “The path to me.” She also included Izi’s ballad “Emergency room,” Im Ki Hoon’s original and Koyote’s remake “The day I met you.” “Want and regret” was originally sung by As One and remade by Lee Seung Gi and now Wax. Last of all, Park Hyo Shin’s “Good person” was included in the album. The rest are instrumentals of the songs. For this complete remake album, Was has tried to put in a lot of personal feel to the songs. Overall, there is a warm vintage feel as well as a classical and original atmosphere maintained in the album.

Hwanhee, Suk Hee (single) – Stupid Heart (released)

1. Stupid Heart

National leaders in vocals Hwahee and Suk Hee have released a duet song “Stupid Heart.” This song is a pop ballad and is about a stupid heart the only loves one person. Cho Young Soo who is famous for songs “No Other Person Like This One” (Lee Seung Chul), “Big Worry” (VOS), “Heartache” (Seeya),”It Hurts Because It’s Love” (Min Kyoung Hoon) and language master Kang Eun Kyoung produced this great hit. Cho Young Soo chose the two singers for this song after his famous production for the Vibe and Jang Hye Jin’s collaboration “This man, This woman.” Because Hwanhee is currently working on his Japanese debut and Suk Hee for her national debut, both will be busy. Therefore, there will be no performances but the song is expected to be a popular hit online.

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Sources: Hanteo, Kyobobook, YesAsia, Dosirak, Naver
credits to ~S2~ for translations