2PM mini-album – Still 2PM (released)

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01 Still

02 I’ll Be Back

03 Even If You Leave Me

04 I Can’t

05 I Know

06 Dance2night

07 I’ll Be Back (Club Mix)

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2PM has been receiving much love all throughout Asia since their debut with hit songs such as, “10 Out of 10,” “Again&Again,” “I Hate You,” Heartbeat,” and “Without U.” The boys’ new mini album titled, “Still 2PM” is expected to show an even more mature and refined image of them through seven tracks. The title song is “I’ll Be Back,” an R&B number with hip-hop and house rhythms. The song showcases 2PM’s very own style in music. One of the dance moves involved in the song is the “shuffle dance” popular in the 90’s. The boys will relive this “rabbit dance.”

SG Wannabe Vol. 7 Part 1 (October 18)

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01 Winter Tree

02 Don’t Let Go

03 Sunflower

04 You Are My All

05 Once a Day

06 Want to Laugh

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Korea’s top male vocal group, SG Wannabe makes their comeback after 1.5 years with part one of their seventh album. Top composers, Jo Young Soo, Kim Gun Woo, The Name, and Kim Won along with top lyricists such as Ahn Young Min and Wheesung took part in album, upgrading the result of it even further. The song “Winter Tree” in particular was pre-released on October 12th. It was composed by singer turned composer, The Name and penned by Wheesung. This ballad number has a beautiful melody accompanied by a splendid orchestra.

Outsider Vol. 3 – Hero (October 21)

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01 Hit Me (feat. Illinit)

02 Hero (feat. Lmnop)

03 Masquerade (feat. Park Mi Kyung)

04 Go Go Sing (feat. Whale)

05 Attitude Needed When You Break Up

06 Pierrot’s Tears 3 (feat. Rimi)

07 Boy (feat. Saet Byul)

08 Skit

09 Really (feat. Sunday 2PM)

10 S.O.B (feat. Ji Baek, San-E)

11 Rollercoaster (feat. Yo Han of Pia)

12 Gift (feat. Keikei)

13 Everlasting (feat. Curious, Sunday 2PM, Keikei, Lmnop, Kuan of Blockbuster)

14 Voyage to the Outside World (feat. L.E.O of Keikei)

15 Dream’s Conversation (feat. Marginal Man)

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Outsider returns this year with his third album titled, “Hero.” The rapper gained much interest in 2009 for having the skill to spit out words with great speed, reaching number one on various music charts. This third album is about the hero in everyone as each and every single person dreams and goes through many obstacles to reach his or her goal.

Younha (single) – One Shot (released)

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01 One Shot (feat. Joosuc)

Korea’s comet, Younha returns with punk rock music, transformed with blonde hair, red lips, and sleeveless shirts. Her digital single, “One Shot,” shows a new, more provocative Younha. The pop-rock number incorporates punk sounds and gives off a powerful trendy rock feel. The song is about claiming the one man she desires in one shot. Rapper Joosuc penned the lyrics and is featured in the song as well.

Jessica (single) – Sweet Delight (released)

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01 Sweet Delight (SPC Ver.)

02 Sweet Delight (Radio Edit)

03 Sweet Delight (East4A QM Mix) (SPC Ver.)

04 Sweet Delight (East4A QM Mix) (Radio Edit)

05 Sweet Delight (INST)

06 Sweet Delight (East4A QM Mix) (INST)

This fall, SNSD’s Jessica joins hands with Sweden’s famous artist, Hird & Cloud to release a sweet song titled, “Sweet Delight.” The song will be the brand song for Korea’s top food business, SPC. The track gives off a European melody with sweet lyrics penned by renowned lyricist, Wheesung.

Tiffany (single) – One Day OST Part.2 (released)

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01 Ring

The soundtrack for the omnibus drama series, “One Day” has been revealed. SNSD’s Tiffany takes part in the love theme song titled, “Ring.” Tiffany’s soft vocals flow well in this sweet ballad number. “Haru” which has been released on September 24th, will be available for 3 months along with the soundtrack.

Mighty Mouth (single) – Love Is (released)

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01 Love Is (Feat. Kim Hee Sun)

02 Love Is INST

Mighty Mouth releases a new single titled, “Love Is.” The group is known for collaborating with singers and actors alike, always surprising music listeners with catchy and easy-going music. The duo’s new song, “Love Is” features Korea’s top actresses, Kim Hee Sun who has actually taken a hiatus for a bit. This will be her first work since the break. The actress has some singing experience from her 2005 drama series, “Sad Sonata” in which she sang Natalie Cole’s “Love.” “Love Is” is a song with a simple, yet smooth melody line that flows well with the piano arrangements and medium-tempo hip-hop beats. This love song is expected to receive much love and attention.

See Ya/Davichi (single) – Seeya & Davichi (released)

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01 All Grown Up

Seeya and Davichi hold hands with composer Bang Shi Hyuk to release a romantic ballad number, “All Grown Up” this fall. The two groups bring out the sad lyrics through their emotions for this song.

Other releases:


Supreme Team (single) – Shin Seung Hoon 20th Anniversary Vol. 2 (released)

Strawberry Rain Vol. 1 – Strawberry Rain (released)

Byun Jin Sup – Mini-album Vol. 1 (October 19)

Illtal – Naked (October 19)

Psy Vol. 5 – 파이브 (October 19)

Krucifix Kricc – Transform (October 20)

Gateflowers – Gateflowers (October 20)

Feel Bay – Love To Be, Part 2 (October 21)

Nina – Smile (October 21)



Sources: Hanteo, Kyobobook, YesAsia, Dosirak, Naver
credits to motoway065 for translations