SNSD (mini-album) – Hoot (October 27)

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01 Hoot

02 Mistake

03 My Best Friend

04 Wake Up

05 Snowy Wish

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Asia’s number one girl group, SNSD makes a surprise comeback with a new mini album, “Hoot.” The girls have been quite busy this year promoting their second album with songs, “Oh” and “Run Devil Run” and debuting in Japan. The title track of the new album is “Hoot,” which showcases their upgraded vocals and emotions. SNSD will make its comeback on October 29th via Music Bank.





2AM Vol. 1 – Saint O’ Clock (October 26)

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01 Intro – Phone

02 To You Who’s Not Picking Up the Phone

03 Like Being Crazy

04 It’s Me (feat. Glam)

05 Mirage

06 Loving Again Is…

07 Now There’s No More

08 Nervous

09 Love U, Hate U (feat. Bulletproof Boyscouts)

10 With Or Without U)

11 Can’t Tell You That I Love You

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2AM who debuted about two and a half years ago finally releases its first full-length album titled, “Saint O’Clock.” Bang Shi Hyuk who produced 2AM’s hit number “Can’t Send You Even If I Die” has also produced this album, elevating fans’ anticipation. The first title track is “Like Being Crazy,” a charming ballad number that showcases each of the members’ vocals. Another title track “To You Who’s Not Picking Up the Phone” which centralizes around the theme of the loneliness and hurt felt through breakup. There are a total of eleven new tracks, six which are available on the homepage before the album release date for preview listening.





Miss $ (mini-album) – Pro. Miss U (October 26)

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01 Promise U (feat. Jung Seul Gi)

02 What Did You Do At This Age (feat. Jung Seul Gi)

03 Love Shot (feat. Skul1)

04 Over (feat. Ji Eun)

05 It’s Not Over (Performed by Block B)

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Female hip-hop duo Miss $ returns this month with a repacked album titled, “Pro. Miss U” with a follow up promotional track titled, “Promise U.” Originally sung by Vibe, the rappers bring their own flavor to the song. With the help of producer Trendy Boy, the song has been re-arranged with electro-hip-hop sounds.





FT Island (single) – Twentyth Urban (released)

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01 Sad Promise

02 Sad Promise INST

FT Island is the fourth guest to take part in composer Lee Kyung Sup’s 20th Anniversary Project Album, “Twentyth Urban.” The song was originally sung by Kim Jung Min in 1995 and was included in his second album, “4LOVE.” It was the song that brought the artist to fame overnight. FT Island remakes this song bringing in some rock flavor to it.





Other releases:


NS Yoon Ji – Time To Fly High (released)

Woo Eun Mi – Evolution (released)

Lee Sora – My One And Only Love (released)

Sun Woo – Harmony (released)

Jami Soul – Everybody Loves Me (released)

Lazy Monday – Lazy Monday With Won Young Jo (released)

Tei (single) – 사랑은 엉터리다 (released)

Yoon Jong Shin – Monthly Project 2010 October (released)

Jimmy Strain Vol. 3 – 사람이 사람에 (released)

Ilac/Z:Min (single) – …웁니다 (released)

Rainbow (single) – Mach (released)

Casker – Tender (released)

Choi Go Eun – 36.5 Degrees (released)

Zi-A & 4men (single) – 울고, 불고… (released)

Eco Bridge Vol. 2.5 – Fall-ache (October 26)

Jazzyfact – Lifes Like (October 26)

Garion Vol. 2 – Garion2 (October 26)

Raspberry Field – 본 적 있나요 (October 27)

BMK – 사랑은 이별보다 빨라서 (October 27)

Ryu Joo Suk Vol. 1 – Falling In Your Soul (October 28)

Touch – Touch:난 (October 28)

Soolee – Ease Into It (October 28)

Guy – Love Story (October 28)

Mang Esilo – Space Talk (October 28)



Sources: Hanteo, Kyobobook, YesAsia, Dosirak, Naver
credits to motoway065 for translations