2PM (single) – Nori For You (released)

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01 Nori For U

2PM shows a cute side with “Nori For U,” a song composed and penned by Hong Ji Sang – a producer known for writing songs for Wonder Girls, 2PM, 2AM, and more. This bright number has groovy rhythms with energetic vocals from the 2PM boys.



Gavy NJ (single) – Let’s End It (released)

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01 Let’s End It

02 Let’s End It INST

Gavy NJ, who debuted in 2005, releases a digital single titled, “Let’s End It,” an electronic dance number composed and penned by Min Myung Ki. The song initially starts off with sad violin arrangements followed by guitar and piano playing. The electronic sounds soon come forth along with the girls’ unique vocals. The song holds sad lyrics about reminiscing one’s past love life, only to realize that all that’s left is breakup.



Brown Eyed Soul (single) – You (released)

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01 You (Original Version)

02 You (CF Version) (Feat. Han Hyo Joo)

Brown Eyed Soul has recently been receiving much love with their single project. The group now releases “You,” which will be included in their upcoming third album. The song takes upon the Doo Wop genres of the 50’s and 60’s, each of the four members pulling their weight to master the harmonization in the number. Actress Han Hyo Joo also takes part in the CF version of the song, garnering more interest for “You.”



See Ya (single) – Ahn Young Min Baby Brown (released)

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01 I Must Be Crazy

02 I Must Be Crazy INST

In the midst of project albums released by Korea’s top composers such as Jo Young Soo, Kim Gun Woo, and the Brave Brothers, Ahn Young Min releases one as well titled, “Baby Brown.” The first guest for this ballad project album is no other than Seeya. The composer and girl group have already collaborated for various songs including, “Crazy Love Song” and “Move Me” along others. This new single, “I Must Be Crazy” is a medium tempo number with emotional orchestral accompaniment. The girls’ powerful vocals help complete the song.



Rumble Fish (single) – Feel Good Day (released)

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01 Feel Good Day

02 Feel Good Day INST

Rumble Fish, who released a mini album, “I Am Me,” this past May has returned with a new digital single titled, “Feel Good Day.” This trendy electronic dance song mixes rock sounds, making it a hybrid genre. Top composers Park Young Min and Hong Jung Soo and lyricist Kang Eun Kyung are responsible for the birth of this song. As suggested by the song title, “Feel Good Day” is a love song where a lovers tell each other words of love to each other.



Other releases:


Super Kidd Vol. 3 – 멋지다 슈퍼키드 (released)

Chae Dong Ha (EP) – D Day (September 13)

Winterplay – Touche Mon Amour (September 14)

Rio – Invitation (September 16)

Emon – 그리움이 만나는 시간 (September 16)

Pika – Pika’s Metamorphosis (September 16)

One More Chance (mini-album) – 자유인 (September 17)

Still PM – Love & Verse 1/2 (September 17)

Ann – 기쁜열대 (September 17)

Jin Sung Yoon Band – Music Tree (September 17)

Downstream – Sneak In (September 17)

Urban Corner – The City Of Broken Heart (September 17)

Vansy – 인어의 심장 (September 17)



Sources: Hanteo, Kyobobook, YesAsia, Dosirak, Naver

credits to motoway065 for translations