Sistar Vol. 1 – So Cool (August 9)

01 Let’s Get The Party Started
02 So Cool
03 Girls Do It
04 Follow Me
05 New World
06 Hate Weak Men
07 How Dare You
08 Over
09 Oh Baby
10 Shady Girl
11 Push Push
12 Ma Boy (Special Version)

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SISTAR finally releases its first full album, “So Cool” this summer. There are a total of twelve new tracks including past hit singles, “Shady Girl”, “Push Push”, and “How Dare You”. The title track this time around is “So Cool”, an exciting club pop dance number composed by the Brave Brothers. The strong beats and the refreshing club beats are what make this song charming.


Dal Shabet mini-album Vol. 3 – Bling Bling (August 11)

01 Beep
02 Bling Bling
03 Dream In U
04 Moonlight
05 Bling Bling INST

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Korea’s top rookie group of 2011, Dal Shabet returns this month with its third mini-album, “Bling Bling”. Through this album, listeners are able to see a change in the girls in terms of style and concept. The cute girls have transformed into sexy disco girls. The title track, “Bling Bling” is a trendy number with a bright and cool feel. Fans who listen to this dance number will find themselves shaking their body to the beat. Also included in the album are intro, “Beep”, cute dance number “Dream In U” and bokko dance number, “Moonlight”.


4minute (single) – Freestyle (released)

01 Freestyle

4minute is the face for “Freestyle”, an online basketball game and has released the theme song of the same title. It is an upbeat number with an addictive melody about being different from others. The song along with the music video released on the same day has already garnered much interest among fans.


Sunny Hill (single) – Prayer (released)

01 Prayer
02 Prayer INST

Sunny Hill, who has recently released a mini-album, “Midnight Circus”, finally releases the digital single for “Prayer”. Jo Young Chul is responsible for producing this song while KZ, who has written hit songs for Zia (Just a Smile), Brown Eyed Girls (Glam Girl), and Lee Hyori (Don’t Cry), composed this hybrid ballad track. The song, which was penned by D’Day, is a sad story about one woman who endures the pain of breaking up with a lover.


4men (single) – Thank You For Your Smile (Vision Of Love) (released)

01 Thank You For Your Smile (Vision Of Love)
02 Thank You For Your Smile (Vision Of Love) INST

4men, who has gained much popularity this year with their fourth album and partake in the soundtrack for hit drama series, “Secret Garden”, makes a comeback with their third story “Vision of Love”. The song is of the same title and is a love story composed and penned by member, Kim Young Jae himself. The song is about thanking a loved one for always being there encouraging and comforting him.


December (single) – Love Baton (released)

01 Baton
02 Baton INST

R&B ballad duo, December makes a comeback this summer with an emotional ballad, “Baton”. The song was composed by rookie composer Kim Jun Il and Kim Jae Hyun and penned by Oh Sung Hun. This number tells a tale about sending a loved one off to a better person. The acoustic guitar arrangement helps liven this mood.


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