G.Na 2nd mini-album – Top Girl (August 23)

01 Top Girl
02 Banana (Feat. Swings, JC Jieun)
03 Dislike
04 Without You
05 Icon

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G.Na, who has now become “Top Girl” in the K-Pop scene has returned this summer with her second mini-album. The title track is “Top Girl”, which was co-composed by hit maker Kim Do Hun and producer Lee Sang Ho and penned by Wheesung. The addictive, strong melodies and polished sounds show G.Na’s confidence as the title suggests. Another song worth mentioning is “Banana” which the singer took part in penning herself. “Without You” on the other hand is a ballad with string arrangements while “Icon” is a song with an addictive hook.


Super Junior Vol. 5 – Mr. Simple (Type B) (August 22)

01 Superman
02 Mr. Simple
03 Opera
04 Be My Girl
05 Walkin’
06 Storm
07 Good Friends
08 Feels Good
09 Memories
10 Sunflower
11 White Christmas
12 Y
13 My Love, My Kiss, My Heart

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Super Junior releases the B Version of its fifth album, “Mr. Simple” this month. There are a total of thirteen tracks, including dance number “Superman” previously performed earlier this month.


T-Ara – Roly Poly in Copacabana (August 22)

01 Roly-Poly in Copacabana
02 Roly-Poly
03 Really Really Like You
04 Yayaya (Remix Version)
05 Why You Like This (Remix Version)
06 Ma Boo (Remix Version)
07 Don’t Know (Remix Version)
08 It’s Okay (Remix Version)

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T-ara, who has done exceptionally well with “Roly Poly” returns with “Roly-Poly in Copacabana” which includes songs previously released in their “John Travolta Wannabe” album in addition to their latest single. The single, “Roly-Poly in Copacabana” was composed and penned by Shinsadong Tiger and Choi Gyu Song, giving the song more of a disco feel popular in the 70’s and 80’s.


Lee Ssang Vol. 7 – Asura Balbalta (August 25)

01 Intro
02 Guy Like Me’s Answer Is You (Intro)
03 Guy Like Me’s Answer Is You
04 Turn Off the TV (Intro)
05 Turn Off the TV
06 Bird That Has to Fly Before It Dies (Feat. Kang San Eh, Bizzy)
07 Serenade (feat. Gaeko of Dynamic Duo, Windy City)
08 Gangnam Sa
09 I Give My All to You (feat. Jung In)
10 Life (feat. Baek Ji Young)
11 Gyuk San Ta Oo (feat. Guckkasten)
12 Am I (feat. Bizzy, B-Free)
13 Grand Final (feat. MC Nayul, Jung In)
14 Outro

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Lee Ssang makes a comeback after two years with its seventh full-length album, “Asura Balbalta”, which basically means “everything will come true.” There are a total of fourteen songs and three title tracks – “Guy Like Me’s Answer Is You”, “Turn Off the TV” and “Life” featuring Baek Ji Young. Other top artists such as 10cm, Windy City, Dynamic Duo, Guckkasten, and Bizzy took part as guests in this action-packed album.


Scent of a Woman OST (August 23)

01 Blue Bird (Kim Ha Neul)
02 You Are So Beautiful (Kim Junsu JYJ)
03 You and I (MBLAQ)
04 Bucket List (JK Kim Dong Wook)
05 Better Tomorrow (She’S)
06 Response (Lee Young Hyun Big Mama)
07 You and I (Fly High)
08 Una Notte Perfetta (Edan)
09 Promise U
10 Blue Tango
11 The Dancer
12 Jalousie (La Ventana)
13 Daddy Long Legs
14 Pro Una Cabeza
15 Yeon Jae Theme
16 Babu Babu
17 Scent of a Woman
18 You Are So Beautiful (Edit Version) (Kim Jun Su JYJ)

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The soundtrack for top weekend drama series, “Scent of a Woman” is finally out for purchase! The album consists of songs sung by top idols and singers including JYJ’s Junsu, MBLAQ, and JK Kim Dong Wook to name a few. MBLAQ’s song, “You and I” in particular is a dreamy romantic number while Junsu’s “You Are So Beautiful” is a heartrending number that has already captured the interests of many fans.


Rain (single) – Busan Woman (released)

01 Busan Woman

Rain releases a digital single, “Busan Woman” for his “The Best Show” concert tour all over Korea. The song was composed and penned by the artist himself and was titled “Busan Woman” because the first concert will be held in that respective city. However, it is said that Rain will change the lyrics for each region.


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Very Best Telecineme 7 With Can’t Stop Love (VA) (August 25)
Mermaid (VA); Diva Project (August 25)
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Sweet Revenge – Rule Breaker (August 25)

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