HyunA – Bubble Pop (July 5)

01 Attention
02 Bubble Pop!
03 Downtown (feat. Jun Ji Yoon)
04 A Bitter Day (feat. Yong Jun Hyung, G.Na)
05 Just Follow (Feat. Dok2)

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Korea’s dancing queen HyunA releases her second solo project this summer with her first mini-album titled, “Bubble Pop”. The title track is of the same title and is an electro synth pop number that showcases the singer’s new charms. This exciting number has addictive lyrics and melody that listeners won’t be able to forget. Also included in the album is “A Bitter Day”, a medium-tempo rap number featuring fellow Cube members G.Na and Yong Jun Hyung. This song was previously released as a digital single. Also included in the album is a trendy hip-hop intro number, “Attention”, an electronic club number, “Downtown” featuring 4Minute’s Jun Ji Yoon, and “Just Follow” that follows a “girl hip-hop” concept.


Girl’s Day mini-album Vol. 1 – Every Day (July 7)

01 Young Love
02 Hug Me Just Once
03 Twinkle Twinkle
04 Nothing Lasts Up
05 Hug Me Just Once INST

After receiving much success with “Twinkle Twinkle”, Girl’s Day finally releases their first mini-album this year. Titled, “Every Day”, this album follows the theme of innocence and cuteness. The title track is “Hug Me Just Once” and was composed by Nam Ki Sang the same person who wrote “Twinkle Twinkle”. It is a refreshing number perfect for the summer as shown through its use of synths and bokgo melodies. The song’s addictive lyrics are expected to be sung by listeners. Another song worth mentioning is “Young Love”, a hybrid medium-tempo ballad number composed by Korea’s top composer, Jun Hae Sung who is responsible for writing “That Man” from the “Secret Garden” drama soundtrack.


Hwayobi mini-album – Reborn (released)

01 2 The Sky
02 I’m Ok
04 With U

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Hwayobi comes before fans as a producer with a new mini-album, “Reborn”. The diva took part in penning the lyrics to all the songs as well as composing three of them. These songs range from R&B, electronic pop, dance, to R&B ballad, allowing the singer to come closer to fans one step at a time. The title track is “I’m Ok”, an exciting electronic pop song with a strong message and melody that is expected to capture listeners’ ears right from the start.


W & Whale – Circussss (July 6)

01 Burlesque
02 C’Mon Yo!!!
03 Girl Acrobat
04 Boy Magician
05 Night is Short, Walk Young Lady
06 Break Down

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W&Whale, known for their electro pop music returns after three years with a new EP album titled, “Circussss”. There are a total of six tracks with the title track being “Break It Down”. It is an addictive number with strong beats. Through this new album, listeners can notice the group heading towards a new direction in terms of electro pop. The reason for the title “Circussss” is because a circus brings both laughter and tears, something the group hopes to bring through the new album.


J Vol. 7 – Super Star (released)

01 Super Star (Rock Ver.)
02 Happy Person
03 You Are My Sun (feat. Lee Ju Han of Winter Play)
04 Love Part 2
05 Super Star feat. Ji Ki Dok (R&B Ver)
06 Saying I Love You (Duet Alex)

07 Dream
08 Dream (feat. Supreme Team)
09 Super Star (Rock Ver) (INST)
10 Happy Person

J, known for her creamy vocals releases her seventh studio album four years since her last. The singer takes part in producing, penning, as well as composing this time around, showcasing how much she has matured in music. The album comprises of various songs ranging from British pop, R&B, ballad, to synth pop music. Previously released digital singles, “Saying I Love You” featuring Alex and “Dream” featuring Supreme Team are also included.


You’ve Fallen For Me OST Part 1 (released)

01 You’ve Fallen For Me (Jung Yong Hwa CN BLUE)
02 The Day I Begin to Love You (Park Shin Hye)

The first part of the soundtrack for the new drama series, “You’ve Fallen For Me” has been released. The first two song are “You’ve Fallen For Me” and “The Day I Begin to Love You” sung by Jung Yong Hwa of CN Blue and Park Shin Hye, respectively. The former song is the title track and the acoustic guitar sounds heard in this song is refreshing like going to the beach on a sunny day.


Mighty Mouth (single) – Lalala (released)

01 Lalala (feat. Soya)
02 Lalala (feat. Soya) (Club Mix Ver)
03 Lalala (INST)

Mighty Mouth releases a new single, “Lalala”, the perfect party song for the summer. Soya, who Mighty Mouth collaborated with in “Tok Tok” joins hands with the duo once again. This exciting dance number has Latin-influenced sounds and is about relieving one’s stress and just having fun this summer.


Navi (single) – Diary (released)

01 Diary
02 Diary INST

Navi, known for her emotional ballads releases a new single, “Diary”, six months since the release of her first full-length album. The song is an urban dance track with polished beats and groovy bass sounds as the foundation of the song. Acoustic guitar and piano sounds that can also be heard in this song help bring out the urban feel to the song.

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