Super Junior Vol. 5 – Mr. Simple (August 3)

01 Mr. Simple
02 Opera
03 Be My Girl
04 Walkin’
05 Storm
06 Good Friends
07 Feels Good
08 Memories
09 Sunflower
10 White Christmas
11 Y
12 My Love, My Kiss, My Heart
13 Perfection

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Global group, Super Junior finally makes a comeback in Korea with its fifth album, “Mr. Simple” this month. It’s been a year and two months since their last album release and fans from all over the world are anticipating what the boys have in store for them. There are a total of thirteen new songs including the title track “Mr. Simple”. Super Junior is expected to show new color and music styles through a wide range of genres and energetic performances.


Gavy NJ – Forgetting (released)

01 Forgetting
02 Forgetting (INST)
03 Everyday
04 Guess What… (Only Hee Young)
05 You Are My Hero (feat. Woo-Side) (Only Si Hyun)
06 Want… (Only Misty)
07 Love is Everywhere
08 A Cup of Latte (feat. Gilme)
09 Everyday (INST)

Gavy NJ who has received a lot of love with “A Cup of Latte” and “Love is Everywhere”, has returned this summer with a repackaged album titled, “Forgetting”. The song of the same title has strong beats and rhythms accompanied by grand strings and the girls’ emotional vocals. Through all this, the sad elements of the song are portrayed well. The song was composed and penned by Gavy NJ’s main producer, Min Myung Ki.


Girl’s Day/Song Ho Bum (single) – Kwaktaehun Haroo 3rd Project (released)

01 Bum Bum Bum
02 Bum Bum Bum INST

Hit composer, Kwan Tae Hun releases the third part of his project album this summer with “Bum Bum Bum”. Korea’s top group, Girl’s Day (So Jin) and One Two’s Song Ho Bum collaborate together for this addictive summer dance track. The refreshing melody is expected to capture listeners’ interests and gain their love this season.


Kan Mi Youn (single) – Feeling Project #1: Good Love (released)


01 Good Love (feat. Suh Joon)
02 Good Love INST

Rado, who has written so many songs for various idol groups such as MBLAQ, missA, and B2ST has started part one of his “Feeling Project” with Kan Mi Youn. The song is “Good Love”, an upbeat medium-tempo number about the feelings a newly couple feels for each other. Anyone who has loved can easily relate to this number. Kan’s bright vocals and Suh Joon’s rap harmonizes well in this song.


Lee Ssang (single) – Grand Final (released)

01 Grand Final (feat. Jung In, MC Nalyu)
02 Grand Final (feat. Jung In, MC Nalyu) INST

Lee Ssang, Jung In, and MC Nalyu collaborate this summer with “Grand Final”. This acoustic sounds meshes acoustic guitar sounds with hip-hop beats to bring forth a refreshing number about not giving up hope and trying a little harder to achieve one’s goal. Jung In’s powerful vocals and Yoo Jae Suk’s sly rapping skills has helped this song top the charts.


Cho Young Soo All Star – Lee Bo Ram (released)

01 Two Fools (feat. Mino of Freestyle)
02 Two Fools (INST)

Lee Bo Ram of Superstar K2 joins hands with Korea’s top composer, Cho Young Soo with “Two Fools”. The song will be a part of the composer’s signature album, “All Star” and will mark her official debut in the Korean music scene. Freestyle’s Mino also takes part in this R&B love story.

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