TaeTiSeo mini-album Vol. 1 – Twinkle (May 2)

01 Twinkle
02 Baby Steps
03 OMG (Oh My God)
04 Library
05 Good-bye, Hello
06 Love Sick
07 Checkmate
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SNSD’s sub-unit group, TaeTiSeo will mark its debut on May 2nd with mini-albun, “Twinkle.” Fans are expected to see a brand new transformation in terms of music, stage performance, and fashion sense. The title track is “Twinkle,” a funky soul number popular in the 70’s and 80’s. It is a medium-tempo dance track that will showcase the group’s charms. There are a total of seven songs in this album.


Block B mini-album Vol. 2 repackaged – Welcome To The Block (May 2)

01 I’ll Close My Eyes

02 Action (Rmx)
03 Lol
04 Synchronization 100%
05 Action
06 Nalina INST
07 Lol INST
08 Synchronization 100%
09 I’ll Close My Eyes INST
10 Action (Rmx) INST
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Block B returns with a repackaged version of their second mini-album. The title track is “I’ll Close My Eyes,” a song that was completed even before the group’s debut. The song has honest lyrics about reminiscing about one’s ex-lover. Also included in the album is a remix version of “Action.”


B.A.P second single album – Power (released)

01 Fight For Freedom
02 Power

03 What the Hell
04 All Lies
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B.A.P makes a comeback this month with their second single album titled, “Power.” The boys return with upgraded music and visuals. The title track is “Power,” a hardcore rock and hip-hop number composed by hit maker Kang Ji Won and Kim Ki Bum. The song has a powerful message about fighting against those who hurt and take advantage of the poor with their power and money.


Park Jin Young mini-album – SPRING: Five Songs For My New Love (April 30)

01 Feel So Good
02 Someone Else (Duet With Gain)
03 You’re The One

04 Last Love
05 Please
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Park Jin Young comes with the spring season with a new mini-album titled, “SPRING: Five Songs for My New Love.” It’s been about two years since his last album, making this album all the more anticipated. The title track is “You’re the One,” a medium-tempo number of the Neo Soul genre. It is about a male celebrity dating a commoner and feeling nervous and scared about doing so. As the album title suggests, there are five songs in this album.


December mini-album – She’s Gone (May 2)

01 She’s Gone

02 Heart is Sorry (DK & Ah Irin)
03 Love That Made You Cry and Laugh
04 Sending Love Away
05 Borrowing This Song (Feat. Lee Loul, Ah Irin)
06 She’s Gone INST
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Ballad group, December returns with a new mini-album titled, “She’s Gone.” Unlike their past singles, their title track, “She’s Gone” is a hip-hop ballad composed by Jo Young Su and An Young Min. Fans are able to see another side of the duo by hearing both soulful vocals and rap.


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