Tony An/Smash – Get Your Swag On (March 5)


01 Get Your Swag On
02 I’m Stuck
03 Flash Back
04 Get Your Swag On (INST)

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Tony An returns after eight years with boy band, SMASH who he produced himself. The five-member group had previously released five single albums and one full-length album in Japan. Their latest single, “Step” ranked fifth on the Oricon daily charts and ninth on the weekly charts.


C-Real 2nd mini-album – Love Diary (March 6)

01 Love Diary
02 Joma Joma
03 Like Me? Love Me?
04 Suits My Taste
05 Like a Bad Guy
06 Joma Joma (Tap Cut Ver.) INST

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C-Real returns this year with their second mini-album titled, “Love Diary”. Through this album, the girls hope to deliver both honest and imaginative messages. Top producer, Choi Jung Sang took part in this album.


M4 2nd mini-album (March 6)

01 Even If Love Leaves
02 Got Caught
03 Do You Not See Me
04 Love Call (Feat. Yoo Se Yoon of UV)
05 Stun Fun (The Devil’s Heart)
06 Even If Love Leaves (INST)

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M4 makes a comeback with their second mini-album. The album includes “Got Caught” and “Do You Not See Me” which were previously released. The title track this time around is “Even If Love Leaves”, a sad ballad number that showcases the members’ powerful vocals. The song is about not wanting to break up with one’s lover, but having to do so like a man.


Min Kyung Hoon (single) – Look Back (released)

01 Look Back
02 Look Back INST

Min Kyung Hoon comes before fans with his farewell gift, “Look Back” before leaving for his two year mandatory military service. This sad ballad number starts off with soft vocals gradually followed by powerful singing.


Other Releases:
Lowdown30 – Vol. 2 (March 6)
RH- Unique People’s Untold Story (VA) (March 7)
Peterpan Complex – Vol. 5 O (March 8)

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