2AM – F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Way Of Love (March 12)

01 It Was Mine
02 You Also Like Me
03 Erase All Memories
04 1 More Second
05 Break Up Well
06 I Love You I Love You

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2AM returns after a year and a half with a new mini-album titled, “F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Way of Love”. As the title suggests, the boys have come before fans with songs as beautiful as deep novels. It was later found out that Park Seon Ju, the composer of “1 More Second” felt that 2AM was a winner in terms of voice while Yun Jong Shin praised the group for their concentration skills.


Lyn Vol. 7-2 – Love Fiction (March 15)

01 Let the Rain Fall
02 Teddy Bear (feat. Hae Geum)
03 Say
04 Blood Type AB Girl (feat. 5zic(M.I.B))
05 Memories
06 Let the Rain Fall  (INST)
07 Teddy Bear (INST)

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After eight months, Lyn returns with part two of her seventh album, “Love Fiction”. The singer hopes to come before the public with her music. The title track is “Teddy Bear”, a medium tempo pop ballad number composed by Vibe’s Yoon Min Su. It holds easy beats and lyrics that are easy to follow. Also included in the album is “Let the Rain Fall”, an emotional track that was pre-released earlier this month.


Monday Kiz (remake album) – Nostalgia (March 12)

01 Must’ve Been Like This
02 Letter – Lim Han Byul
03 The First Time I Met You – Han Seung Hee
04 To the Next Person – Lee Jin Sung
05 I Love You and I Remember You
06 A Night Like Today
07 When This Night Passes
08 Girl
09 Must’ve Been Like This INST

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Monday Kiz goes back in time in hopes to relay some of the past’s true gems in this remake album. This album consists of classics remade by this talented group. It consists of top songs such as Kim Hyung Joong’s “Must’ve Been Like This”. This song in particular has the sounds of the rain falling in the introduction later followed by the group’s powerful harmony and vocals.


LEDApple (single) – Sadness (released)

01 Sadness
02 Sadness INST

Six-member visual rock band, LEDApple returns this month with a new digital single titled, “Sadness”. The song was composed by Jo Young Su and arranged by Kim Tae Hyun. It has a strong, addictive melody that is expected to capture fans’ interests. The song is about a guy getting a break-up letter from his girl and hoping it was just a nightmare.


Nine Muses – Sweet Rendezvous (released)

01 Who R U
02 Ticket
03 News
04 Figaro
05 Who R U INST
06 Ticket INST

Nine Muses, who had much success with their digital single, “News” in January, returns once more with their first mini-album, “Sweet Rendezvous”. Through this album, the group hopes to show listeners their own way of love. The title track is “Ticket”, and as the name suggests, the song is about putting one’s entire mind and soul into one person and being unable to go back like purchasing a one-way ticket.


December (single) – PS. I Love You (released)

01 Borrow This Song
02 Borrow This Song INST

Ballad duo, December returns with a new single titled, “Borrow This Song”. The song was composed by hitmaker Oh Seung Hun and is a medium-tempo number with dynamic string accompaniment. Rookie singers, Ah Iran and Elou have joined the duo to add an edge to the track.


Song Hye Gyo/John Park (single) – Switch (released)

01 Switch
02 Switch INST

Song Hye Gyo debuts as a singer with “Switch” with the help of John Park. The song was created for Laneige’s White Plus Renew Line and is about always beaming on the outside. The innocent lyrics and strong, addictive melody are expected to make this song a hit.


EXO-K (single) – History (released)

01 History

SM Entertainment’s new boy group, EXO-K (and EXO-M) releases a prologue single titled, “History”. There are both Korean and Chinese versions to this song in hopes to please fans all over the world. This is their second release since their R&B debut track, “What is Love”.


Other Releases:
Swing Chair – The Wind is Blowing (March 13)
March Bunny – For Lala (March 13)
Shayne – Shayne’s World (March 13)
Han Eum Pa – Kiss From the Mystic (March 13)
Nillab Freeze – Ready or Not (March 14)
Nu’est – Face: Nu’est The First Single (March 15)
3rd Line Butterfly – Ice Cube (March 15)
Bohemian – Don’t Be Sick (March 15)

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