SHINee mini-album Vol. 4 – Sherlock (March 21)

Track list to be released

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SHINee finally makes a comeback this year with a new mini-album titled, “Sherlock.” There are seven top-notch songs which showcases the members’ vocals as they try out various genres. The title track is “Sherlock,” a hybrid remix number that meshes two tracks together.


Park Hyo Shin (Special Album) – Gift E.C.H.O (March 22)

01 Strange (Acoustic Version)
02 Gift
03 After Loving
04 Wish It Was You
05 Strange
06 Don’t Know Your  Name
07 Deja-Vu
08 Beautiful Day (feat. Skull)
09 I Promise You
10 Throw Away the Tears
11 Only U
12 LoveBarista (feat. Seo In Gook)
13 Hello Love
14 I Love You
15 I Live Like This (With Skull)
16 Happy Christmas

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Park Hyo Shin releases a special album, “Gift E.C.H.O” for fans as they wait for his return from military services. This album consists of previously released songs from parts one and two of “Gift” as well as the acoustic version of “Strange.” It is said that the singer was most relaxed and playful during the recording of this song. Another song worth mentioning is “Happy Christmas”, a famous number by John Lennon, covered by many notable artists.


B1A4 Vol. 1 – Ignition (March 20)

01 Baby I’m Sorry
02 This Time is Over
03 So Fine
04 Super Sonic
05 If It’s Only the Two of Us (Baro Solo – feat. Min of Miss A)
06 Laugh
07 Feeling
08 Crush (San Deul Solo)
09 You Are My Girl
10 Wonderful Tonight (Unplugged Remix)
11 Baby I’m Sorry (INST)

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B1A4 returns this year with their first full-length studio album titled, “Ignition” after having success last year with “OK” and “Beautiful Target.” The title track is “Baby I’m Sorry,” an upbeat number with strong dance rhythms. Once again, member Jin Young is responsible for penning, composing, and penning this song. Apart from the title track are ten other songs of various genres ranging from R&B, pop, hip-hop, urban, to ballad.


MBLAQ mini-album Vol. 4 (Special Ed.) (March 21)

01 Blaq
02 100%
03 Love is Coming
04 Run
05 It’s War
06 Scribble
07 Dazzling Girl
08 Hello My Ex

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MBLAQ releases an upgraded version of their fourth mini-album. It consists of hit tracks, “It’s War” and “Run” in addition to three new songs.


CN Blue (single) – Ear Fun (released)

01 Still Love You

CN Blue releases a single, “Still Love You” in midst of a comeback. It is an acoustic modern rock number that incorporates the electric piano. The song begins with a beautiful melody soon followed by guitar sounds and piano riffs.  


Yang Yo Sub (Beast) & Jung Eun Ji (Apink) (single) – `A CUBE` FOR SEASON # GREEN (released)

01 Love Day
02 Love Day (B2UTY Ver)
03 Love Day (Panda Ver)

The main vocals of B2st and Apink, Yang Yo Sub and Jung Eun Ju respectively, have come together for the first song for the “A ‘Cube’ for Season” project series. The song is “Love Day,” composed by Kim Gun Woo who is responsible for hits such as MC Mong’s “I Love You, Oh Thank You” and “Letter Written To You Part 2.” This duet number, which is about a new couple getting to know each other, was released on White Day.


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