Shinhwa Vol. 10 – The Return (released)

01 On the Road
02 Hurts
03 Venus
04 Red Carpet
05 Move With Me
06 Let It GO
07 Stay
08 Welcome
09 Be My Love
10 Re-Love
11 Breathin’
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Shinhwa has returned after four years with their tenth album, “The Return,” marking their fourteen years together as a group. The group experiments with both electronica as well as their past music styles, showcasing their skills as both musicians and artists. Fans are in for a treat with two title tracks, “Venus” and “Hurt.” The first title song, “Venus” is a pop-electro dance number composed by Andrew Jackson and penned by member, Lee Min Woo. The song is about a man expressing his feelings for one woman. On the other hand, the other title track, “Hurts” was penned by member, Eric. It is a pop ballad number that depicts the delicateness of each member. There are a total of eleven songs in this album.

CN Blue 3rd mini-album – Ear Fun (March 26)

Track list to be released
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CN Blue comes before fans once more with their third mini-album, “Ear Fun.” There are a total of six songs of various genres, ranging from modern rock music to rock n’ roll. Included in the album are title track “Hey You” and “In My Head,” which was composed by member Jung Yong Hwa himself.

Spica 1st mini-album repackaged – Painkiller (March 29)

01 Painkiller
02 Rage
03 Up N Down
04 Russian Roulette
05 No More
06 Diary
07 Venomous
08 Painkiller INST
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Spica releases a repackaged version of their first mini-album, “Painkiller.” It includes songs from the first album as well as the new title track, “Painkiller.” The title song is an R&B number which incorporates real sounds. The song is about clinging to one’s past love despite the pain and sorrow he brings.

Dream High 2 OST (March 26)

01 Falling (Park Jin Young)
02 You’re My Star (Suzy (Miss A))
03 Hello to Myself (Wonder Girls)
04 Super Star (Hyo Rin (Sistar), Ji Yeon (T-ara), Ailee)
05 Hurting Hope (Lee Ki Chan)
06 Together (Ji Yeon (T-ara), JB)
07 Class B Life (Jinwoon (2AM), JR, Kim Ji Su, Kang Sora))
08 Day by Day (Ji Yeon (T-ara))
09 Dreaming (JB, Park Seo Jun)
10 Together (INST)
11 Class B Life (INST)
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The soundtrack for the drama series, “Dream High 2” has finally been released. Top idols have participated in this album including members of Miss A, Wonder Girls, T-ara, Sistar, and 2AM. Singles such as Ji Yeon’s “Day by Day” and Suzy’s “You Are My Star” have been online hits and fans are finally able to purchase all these songs in one album.

ERU (single) – Follow (released)
External from soompi image

01 Follow
02 Follow INST

Solo artist, Eru, who has released many hit ballads along the likes of “Black Glasses” and “White Tears,” has returned once more with the single, “Follow.” It is a medium tempo number that showcases Eru’s emotions. Composed and penned by Lee Ju Ho, it is expected to capture the hearts of many fans this spring.

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