As reported previously, upcoming boyband SHU-I will be releasing their debut digital single “Bomb Bomb Bomb” today.

Preview: “Bomb Bomb Bomb”

SHU-I stands for “So Hot Union of Idols”.  In
Chinese it also means 帥 (shuai) or goodlooking – pointing to the plans
for this group to venture into the pan-Asian stage. Are they up to it? They have been preparing and training to debut for two years. SHU-I consists of members who have already revealed their faces on
various broadcast shows such as “JinShil game”, “Introducing Star’s
Friend”, and “꽃미남 아롱사태”.  Members are HyungJoon, main vocal MinHo,
JinSeok, ChangHyun, and leader InSeok.

SHU-I will start promoting from mid-September.

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