Following reports in April that Lee Jong Suk and Kim Ji Won were in talks to star in a new Netflix drama “See You Again,” it has been confirmed that the drama has been canceled.

Anticipation was high for Lee Jong Suk and Kim Ji Won’s reunion in a drama, as it would be their first in seven years since “High Kick 3! The Revenge of The Short Legged” in 2011. The drama was slated to be released on Netflix, and was planned to be penned by the writer of “Oh My Venus” as a healing romance between two youths.

Following reports that plans for the drama had been canceled, the actors’ agencies were contacted. Both YNK Entertainment and King Kong by Starship Entertainment spoke on behalf of Lee Jong Suk and Kim Ji Won respectively to state that they had already turned down the offer. They both added that as they had already decided to not appear in the drama, they couldn’t comment further on the future of the project.

The production company behind “See You Again” confirmed the news on May 19 and stated, “There were many factors that contributed to the cancellation of the drama.”

Lee Jong Suk is set to lead SBS’s upcoming two-part series “Hymn of Death,” while Kim Ji Won is considering an offer to join tvN’s “Asadal Chronicles” (tentative title).

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