After much anticipation, new duo 15& has finally revealed the music video for their debut song “I Dream.” The song was released as a digital single today, October 5 in Korea, and is a powerful ballad that shows off their voices. 

Managed by JYP Entertainment, both members of this duo have previously displayed their vocal talents on television in Korea. Park Jimin was the winner of SBS K-pop Star while Baek Yerin previously appeared on television five years ago through SBS’s “Star King” and became known as the “10 year old ballad genius.”

As seen from their second teaser, the two girls start apart from each other and are seen in a split screen. After waking up in their own rooms, they both prepare for their upcoming performance. Once they both arrive on stage, the border separating them vanishes, showing that the two soloists are now one unit.  

The music video is also subtitled in English! Be sure to turn on captions.

What did you think of their debut song?