Rookie singer Yoari has lately been the talk as news revealed her difficult past due to her family’s economic hardship, forcing the artist to forfeit her studies during her middle school years.

It was only recent that Brown Eyed Girls’ company, Neganetwork revealed to the public that up until the debut of Brown Eyed Girls, Yoari had been the fifth member of the group. However, due to her young age and mature vocal talents that strayed from the group’s initial music style, Yoari withdrew from the band.

The company felt that Yoari’s voice was more suitable for rock so the singer joined rocker, G.Gorilla’s band, Sprinkler in 2007 at the age of twenty. However, the band did not last long and Brown Eyed Girls began to rise in popularity.

Yoari mentioned that this was a very difficult time, and singing as a guide vocal for Brown Eyed Girls’ songs only made it harder for her. However, she believes that this experience has helped her learn many things and made her solo debut possible.

Yoari’s debut track, “Excuse Me” will be available for purchase on the 22nd of this month. Be sure to watch this rookie artist make big.

Check out the music video teaser for “Excuse Me” and her past works in Sprinkler!


Music Video for upcoming single “Excuse Me”


Music Video for title track, “Voyage to Treasure Island”


Live Performance of “Dreaming of Revival”


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