A new five-member girl group, Girl’s Day is expected to join the Korean music industry this summer. Unlike other artists, Girl’s Day made their names known through social networking service, Twitter.


Just yesterday, the girls performed on the streets of Hongdae and Myeongdong, showcasing their smooth dancing abilities. The respective locations are hot spots in Seoul, the former known for underground music and art while the latter is known for great shopping. Performing at these constantly busy sites seems to be a great market strategy on the group’s part.


Performance at Myeongdong


Performance at Hongdae



The group consists of leader Sojin, Jihae, Jisun, Jiin, and youngest member Minah. They are expected to debut on July 9th. Check out their pictures and profile information below!


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Position: Leader

Birthday: May 21, 1986

Height/Weight: 167/47

Twitter: http://twitter.com/girls_day_sojin



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Birthday: May 14, 1989

Height/Weight: 163/43

Twitter: http://twitter.com/girls_day_jihae



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Birthday: October 17, 1989

Height/Weight: 165/44

Twitter: http://twitter.com/girls_day_jisun



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Birthday: March 13, 1992

Height/Weight: 167/45

Twitter: http://twitter.com/girls_day_jiin



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Birthday: May 13, 1993

Height/Weight: 165/47

Twitter: http://twitter.com/girls_day_minah



Be sure to check out their official sites!

Girl’s Day Official Fan Cafe

Official Twitter

Official YouTube



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