Four-member rookie girl group MIXX has released their first single album!

MIXX, managed by Chiko Bros Entertainment, released both their first single album and music video for “Oh Ma Mind,” at noon on May 3.

MIXX strives to represent women’s lives and motives through their hip-hop and R&B based “urban music.” Leader Hanna, Henny, Arie, and Liyah, with average heights of 169cm, make up the lovely four-member girl group.

The first single album, titled “Oh Ma Mind,” features a simple drum sound with a gentle melody to produce a light “urban dance” song. The four girls produce a lively but soft sound with a trendy but relaxed melody.

With lyrics about a girl with a crush and her sudden courage, as well as warm spring weather, it naturally catches your attention. It was produced by Jay Rockin’, who composed for many underground hip-hop musicians like Untouchable, Outsider, and more.

The group has been stirring a lot of interest since they’ve been invested in by NEW, the production company behind “Descendants of the Sun” which has been extremely popular so far this year, as well as being the first girl group from Chinese media company Huace Media, which is also becoming a familiar name in the country.

MIXX are planning to appear on SBS MTV’s The Show on May 3 for their first official performance.

Check out their debut single below!

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