2009 is defiantly the year for groups in Korea, most of which are girl groups. With over 20+ so far which exist of : 2NE1, 4minute, T-ara, After School, Brand New Day, TwiNy, Ten, Honeysh, 7size, f(x), B2st, B2Y, Big Queens, Rain‘s new group, Astro, Sunny Side, Yo Girls, Double Note, Navid and Devil & Angel (just off the top of my head). Already this many, and we still have about 4 more months to go! Only a few have been successful though, with others falling into the background or never even appearing again. Although recently, anticipation has been surrounding  SM’s new girl group, f(x), Cube’s new boy group, B2st and Rain‘s new boy group, which name has yet been announced.

Cube Entertainment, the company who also put together 4minute this year, are debuting their new boy group mid September comes. B2st, pronounced Beast, shocked fans when they announced solo singer, AJ (Lee Ji Kwang), would be joining with 5 other members. Fans got to see a small preview of B2st when they were starring alongside 4minute in their own MTV Documentary, which aired on August 23rd. In the documentary, you got to see B2st‘s faces and learn a little bit more about them. Except to see a lot more of B2st comes the end of the year.

Yesterday, fans were surprised when SM Entertainment uploaded a preview to a brand new girl group on their YouTube channel. SM, the people who also created Girls’ Generation and SHINee, never mentioned anything about a new group until yesterday when the teaser was released. The group, called f(x), which basically means flower and (xx = female chromosome) are supposed to be debuting on September 2nd, with the support of their seniors, Girls’ Generation and SHINee. A lot of anticipation in this group was caused by the addition of Girls’ Generation‘s Jessica‘s younger sister, Krystal. Krystal recently also made an appearance in SHINee‘s Juliette Music Video and left fans wanting more of her due to her natural beauty and talent. Also causing a bit of stir was the group’s leader, Victoria, who appeared in SHINee‘s “Noona Is So Pretty (Replay)” Music Video. Could f(x) possibly win the rookie award this year when their debut is so late in the year?

Rain‘s new boy group, which name has yet to be announced is supposedly debuting in September, along with the other groups. Originally, this group was suppose to debut in early 2009, but plans were changed up with another trainee under Rain‘s company, J.Tune Entertainment, Dahee who is dubbed as the ‘female Rain’ who is now going to be debuting in early 2010. No further information regarding Rain‘s group has been announced except the date when they’re supposedly debuting.

So, in September, who will come out on top? All of these groups will most likely stay around considering they are all coming from big companies.

picture credit : f(x)’s Soompi thread