Lee Seung Ki Vol. 3 – 이별이야기 (Farewell Story) (August 17)

1. Nice Lie
2. Grumble
3. Why….leave
4. Did It?
5. Crazily
6. Don't Be Sorry
7. Fault
8. Temperature
9. Happy Ending
10. Smile Boy 3:16
11. Nice Lie (Piano Ver.)

– Our generation's best composer Jo Young Soo's 2007 Autumn Project

The title song for Lee Seung Ki's third album is “Nice Lie”, which is composed by Jo Young Soo and written by Ahn Young Soo. This ballad will bring everyone into tears with just one listen because of its sad melody and lyrics. It's a sad love story about a man who loves his girlfriend very much, but decides to leave her for her own good because there is nothing that he can do for her to make her happy. Another great medium tempo ballad is “Why…leave”, which is also composed by Jo Young Soo and written by Kang Eun Kyung. All ten tracks will tell about different farewell stories. Lee Seung Ki's third album is being highly anticipated this autumn. – credits to purpletiger86

Big Bang – 2007 Bigbang Mini Album – Always (August 17)

1. We Are Big Bang
2. Lie
3. Unknown Number
4. To Act Like Nothing Is Wrong (TOP Solo) Featuring-Ji Eun
5. Oh ma baby

Popular boy band Big Bang has released three singles and one album in just one year. This album is a dedication to their one year anniversary since their debut. There are a total of six tracks on this album that are a mixture of euro style pop, hip hop and R&B ballad. Each track was produced by different producers and will show a different side to Big Bang. This mini album will be released on Aug 17 and they'll start their album activities by holding their showcase on Aug 19. This album includes TOP's 3D doll. – credits to purpletiger86

Girl Friends Vol. 2 – Addict 2 Times (August 16)

1. My Love Story
2. Daddy Long Legs
3. With U
4. Beautiful Day
5. Girl Friends
6. You (Him VS Her)
7. Fool (Yuri Solo)
8. Espresso (Rina Solo)
9. Half You, Half Tears
10. To The Heart
11. Daddy Long Legs (INST)
12. With U (INST)

-Girl Friends second album “Addict 2 Times” release
-Coming back with an addicting second album

Last August, Girl Friends (Yuri from Cool and Chae Rina from Diva) released their first album [Another myself] and gained some popularity. Most of the songs are R&B, Hip Hop and Electronica genre. Each song in this album is considered to be very addicting and will have people fall in love with the songs. Unlike their first album, many of their friends and colleagues contributed to this album. Famous composers and lyricists from their first album have also contributed to their second album. We will be able to listen to Yuri and Rina's solo tracks as well. – credits to purpletiger86

MC The Max (single) – Run to the sky (released)

1. Run To The Sky (Cooler Remix)
2. Run To The Sky 2007 (Trance Remix)
3. Run To THe Sky (Cooler Remix Inst.)

Last year, MC The Max's vocalist Lee Soo had a song entitled “Run To The Sky” which was used in a 3D animation movie called “Iron Kid”. This song was newly remixed for the summer and is a very catchy song. There are two versions of the song, which are the Cooler Remix version and Trance Remix version. These remixes are expected to gain much popularity over the summer. – credits to purpletiger86

I am Sam (KBS Drama) OST (August 13)

1. 나만나만 – Paran (파란)
2. Love You (Orchestration mix) – Byul
3. I Do – Genie
4. Love You – Byul
5. 나만나만 (Instrument)
6. 기분 좋은 하루 (경음악)
7. 사랑, 마음의 병 (경음악)
8. Fever (경음악)
9. 달리기 (경음악)
10. 아이 (경음악)

New and established Korean stars share the screen in the refreshing new KBS drama I Am Sam. Acclaimed actor Yang Dong Geun (Ruler of Your Own World) plays against type as a timid, bumbling high school music teacher whose knees get even weaker when he realizes he has to teach a mob boss's daughter (newcomer Park Min Young, Unhindered Highkick). Other than Yang's starring presence, I Am Sam has gotten a lot of buzz because it marks the acting debut of Big Bang's T.O.P, who plays a troubled and trouble-making student. The cast also includes Son Tae Young (Freeze), Park Joon Gyu (Hot for Teacher), model-turned-actor Park Jae Jung, and Ryan of Paran, who impressed audiences earlier with his performance in Hello Baby.

Paran fans have plenty to look forward to with I Am Sam as Ryan not only appears in the drama, he contributes his vocals to the soundtrack as well. Paran sings the bright and catchy theme song “Just Me, Just Me” (Track 1), which fits in perfectly with the drama's young, light-hearted atmosphere. The 10-track OST also includes Byul's ballad Love You (Track 4) and newcomer Genie's I Do (Track 3). – credits to YesAsia

Other releases:

Xing (single) – My Girl (released)
Aquibird Vol. 1 (released)
The Way Vol. 1 – Rebirth (August 14)
Dr. Core 911 Vol. 1.5 – 오락가락 (August 14)
Get Karl! Oh Soo Jung (SBS Drama) OST (August 14)
Choon Ja Vol. 3 – 사랑이 뭐길래 (August 16)
S-Jin (single) – 백번을 불러도 (August 16)
Suck Stuff: Rough Time Ahead (August 17)

Sources: Hanteo, YesAsia, Annyoung, Melon