How To Meet A Perfect Neighbor (SBS TV Drama OST) (August 20)

01. 원츄 [Want U] – 정일영, 단야
02. 아름다운 세상을 찾아서(Punk Rock) – 커넥션 feat. 베이지
03. Burning Luv – 김현동, 단야
04. 발목을 다쳐서 – 팀 (Tim)
05. 바보라서 – 베이지 (BEIGE)
06. 곁에 없어도 – 저스트 (JUST)
07. 잊지는 않겠어요 – 커넥션 feat. 김승우
08. 아름다운 세상을 찾아서 (Modern Rock) – 커넥션 feat. 티엠
09. Give Thanks – 커넥션 feat. 홍종명, 정지연
10. 발목을 다쳐서(Lounge Version) – 팀 (Tim)
11. 애별리고 [愛別離苦] – 이호준 on Piano
12. Tango of The Rose – THE STRINGS, 이성렬, 하림
13. Seaside Lovers – 커넥션 feat. 최승찬 on Piano
14. Sunshiny Days – 하림 on Accordion,
15. 보고 싶은 엄마 – 하림 on Accordion
16. 돌아올 수 없는 길 – 이념 on Piano
17. Neighbor's Blues – 하림 on Harmonica

Movie stars Bae Du Na and Kim Seung Woo pair up on the small screen for the 2007 SBS drama 'How to Meet a Perfect Neighbor'. Having previously collaborated in the 2003 KBS series 'Rosemary', the two stars have even better chemistry this time around, making 'How to Meet a Perfect Neighbor' truly a joy to watch. Reflecting on the state of modern relationships – be it lovers, friends, or neighbors – the light-hearted drama revolves around four young people of different backgrounds and personalities who live in the same housing unit.

Heart-throb Tim sings the drama's theme song “Wounded Ankle” (Track 4), a treat for fans who have missed the singer's ballads. The light and up-tempo opening title theme, “Want U”, is performed by Jung Il Young, the voice behind the classic 'Tale of Autumn' theme “Reason”. Other than starring in the drama, actor Kim Seung Woo also pitches in for the soundtrack with “Can't Forget” (Track 7), a cover of 80s band Gunahdeul's hit song. – credits to YesAsia

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Source: Hanteo, YesAsia, Melon