T-ara‘s agency Core Contents Media announced on August 1, “New member Dani will be joining the team at the end of the year as planned originally.” Recently, some media outlets forecasted that Dani might be joining T-ara sooner than planned based on T-ara’s Japanese official website. This theory became more credible as Hwayoung was dismissed from the team on July 30 and the originally planned 8-member system was hindered.

However, T-ara’s official website in Japan does not mention anything about Dani joining the team sooner. It only mentions the news about Hwayoung’s departure and simply states, “T-ara will have new member Areum join the team and form a 7-individual group. After a preparation period, another new member Dani will be added to the team.” The website does not state exactly when Dani will be a member of T-ara.

Core Contents Media emphasized that Dani will not be a member of T-ara until later through a press release. The official statement reads, “T-ara will keep the 7-individual system for now and Dani will be joining the team after December 2012 as planned originally.” Meanwhile, Core Contents Media announced the addition of two new members back in May. The 8th member Areum joined T-ara this summer and has been a partaking in the promotional cycle of “Day by Day” with original members.