Everyone knows that G-Dragon is one of Korea’s top fashionistas (if not the top in the world).  There is no doubt that he is (and has always been) the hot face and model that companies compete over for their promotions.  Lately, as one of G-Dragon’s many promotions, he has been taking on G-Market with photo shoots and CFs.  

Not only for G-Market, but Big Bang’s stylish leader has been modeling for casual clothing brand Bean Pole.  Not long ago a few photos were revealed of GD from the latest Bean Pole photo shoot.  Throughout the sequence of photos, they show the flawless leader at his best in various looks and poses.  Here you can take a look at the photos for yourself.


What do you think of G-Dragon’s latest pictures?  Would you buy clothes from Bean Pole after seeing the photos?

Source: Sports Chosun via Nate