Hit producer Shinsadong Tiger’s girl group EXID has revealed several shots of their music video filming before their come back.

On July 31, EXID announced a change of members with new members Sol Ji and Hye Rin. EXID’s first mini-album “Hippity Hop” will have title track, “I Feel Good” and several photos of the music video filming were released. The photos showed the sexy and fierce charms of Solji, Hye Rin, LE, Jung Hwa and Hani all together.

EXID’s agency states, “These stills are for the fans who have shown much interest and love to EXID as they waited for EXID’s come back. After these stills were released, we saw an increase of web participation on EXID’s official fan website.”

Meanwhile, EXID will release title track “I Feel Good” in their “Hippity Hop” mini-album on August 7. The album will be released for sale on August 13.

Check out EXID’s teaser video for “I Feel Good” below: