New stills from the upcoming drama, “Nice Guy” were released, revealing tension flowing between the two female leads, Moon Chae Won and Park Si Yeon.

It seems like there will be a fierce competition between the two characters. Moon Chae Won plays the role of Seo Eun Ki, who was raised to be the heiress of the “Taesan Group” company and is known to be cold and emotion-less. Park Si Yeon plays the role of Han Jae Hee, who was a reporter but got married to the “Taesan Group” president.

A love triangle between these two women and Kang Maru (played by Song Joong Ki) will be expected to keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

These new stills that were recently released show both Moon Chae Won and Park Si Yeon glaring at each other with unwavering expressions. Viewers’ anticipations are further building after looking at these stills.

Sources from “Nice Guy” commented, “Whenever we film a scene with these two actresses, there is a strange nervousness in the air. Both actresses were so focused on their emotions and characters, even the staff team became very quiet. That just means they have great chemistry so I hope everyone will be excited for the drama to air.”

“Nice Guy” is a classic tale of love and revenge and will air after “Bridal Mask” on September 12.