SHINee‘s Minho has recently shown a great storm of tears through a set of new stills from the upcoming drama, “To The Beautiful You.”

Minho’s crying scene will be shown on the second episode, which airs on August 16. Although he plays a stony and cold character, in one particular scene, his emotions will spill over as he gives a heartfelt crying performance.

The released stills show Minho crying in the rain during a funeral service. Viewers are curious about whose funeral it is and the story behind Minho’s tears.

This scene was filmed at a graveyard on July 11. It is said that Minho entered the filming set with a heavy-hearted atmosphere and did not speak much in order to control his emotions. Filming for the scene started at 7AM and went on for 3 hours but it is said that he never lost his emotional control and showed great focus on his acting. Staff members praised his ability to maintain his acting focus. Even during breaks, Minho will keep holding the urn to help himself stay in character.

News agencies report that it actually did rain during the filming for this scene, which increased the level of perfection for the situation. Amazingly, Minho did not have a single NG take during all 3 hours of filming.

“To The Beautiful You” will air its first episode on August 15.