Recent photos of Song Joong Ki and Moon Chae Won revealed the two actors rolling around in the dirt.

These photos are newly released stills for the upcoming drama, “Nice Guy.” These stills showing Song Joong Ki and Moon Chae Won’s encounter is raising the curiosity levels of fans.

In one photo, Moon Chae Won is laying down on the ground with Song Joong Ki making an angry face next to her. Netizens are wondering what made Song Joong Ki that angry and what exactly happened between the two.

Sources from “Nice Guy” say, “Both actors showed great passion and skill despite the scorching 95 degree weather and laying around in the dirt. Their chemistry was perfect and we are excited to see them continue through this drama.”

“Nice Guy” is a classic love/revenge tale of one man (Song Joong Ki) being betrayed by the woman he loved (Park Si Yeon) and trying to get back at her by using another woman (Moon Chae Won). The first episode airs on September 12.