Just when you thought the whole Hwayoung/T-ara controversy was settling down, another video popped up online allegedly proving T-ara in fact did NOT harass or bully Hwayoung.

The video, titled “Video to explain T-ara’s bullying,” runs for roughly 4-minutes and shows a series of clips proving Hwayoung and the rest of the T-ara members getting along well – contrary to the popular belief that Hwayoung was bullied by the group.

The video goes over several points, such as Jiyeon being the main bully or Eunjung’s rice cake shoving incident, and provides clips that are supposed to prove T-ara’s “innocence” from the entire bullying controversy. Each of the clip does indeed show Hwayoung playing and joking around with her alleged “bullies,” counter-arguing last week’s reports of T-ara hazing Hwayoung during her stay with the group.

Netizens commented, “Now I’m confused,” “This is just getting uglier by the day,” and “Just disband and stop showing up on the press.”

Check out the video below and compare it with the list of T-ara’s alleged bullying incidents here!