A new vocal girl group will be debuting soon, and all three members from this new girl group were part of Korea’s best army chorus group.

The new vocal group is called “Lush” and is apart of Oscar Ent., home to artists such as Bobby Kim and Double K. The members are Kim Ji Hae, Kim Min Hee, and Yoo Sa Ra, and they are all twenty-five years old. The members have experience not only in the army chorus, but also as vocal teachers or featuring in other musicians’ albums. 

Their debut single,”Looks Shabby,” will be a medium tempo dance song about the couple reaching the end of their relationship. 

Kim Ji Hae, the leader of the group, said about her group’s debut, “We want to bring a new vigor as a vocal group to the mainstream music…We want to be a group that is known for their talent to the fans.”