From the same company (Loen Entertainment) as Korea’s crowned little sister, IU, newcomer FIESTAR will debut with their single “Wicked” on August 24.

“Wicked” is a unique song with strong charms drawing influences from Moombahton, a fusion of reggae and house music. It’s currently the trend in American clubs and has yet to hit Korea’s shores. As a product of composer TEXU and lyricist Kim Ina’s great efforts, they anticipate it will bring a fresh change to the music scene.

It’s been noted that Tiger JK has collaborated with FIESTAR for “Wicked” and is drawing attention. He decided to feature on the song after watching a video of Yezi rapping. He thinks she has great rapping skills and potential to become better. Cheska also shows her rapping and together, they show the charms of “girls hiphop.”

The lyrics convey confidence and energy making it a killer combo with the addictive sounds.

FIESTAR is planning to release their debut single on the 31st and start with promotions.