Just two weeks after being seen in Prague, newlyweds Eugene and Ki Tae Young were spotted in Paris this time. Under the title, “Eugene and Ki Tae Young in Paris Direct Shots,” this photo of the couple enjoying their honeymoon was posted on an online community board on Friday.

In the photo, Ki Tae Young is seen with his arm around his wife Eugene, as the two are sharing a blue jacket together. Although it’s their honeymoon, the photogenic couple is dressed up formally, leaving many fans wonder where they were headed to when the photo was taken.

Netizens have commented “They look so good together, it’s almost annoying,” “I wish I were them,” and “The most selfish couple.”

After co-starring in MBC drama “Creating Destiny” as a married couple, Eugene and Ki Tae Young started dating in real life for about a year and a half. They got married on July 23rd and flew to Europe for a three week honeymoon.