BTS‘s Jimin performed a solo stage of one of their hit songs for the Melon Music Awards that was stunning, graceful, and breathtaking.

BTS Jimin’s 2019 MMA Solo Performance Shows The World He Was Born To Dance

It was so next-level that N.Flying‘s Jaehyun has gone viral for his reaction to it.

n.flying jaehyun

Right from the start of Jimin’s performance, Jaehyun leaned back as he opened his mouth in astonishment. His jaw dropped flat to the floor.

It wasn’t only for a brief moment. Jaehyun literally sat in his seat in that same position, mouth hanging open as if he was a freeze-frame.


Jimin can make anyone fall for his charms, so Jaehyun’s reaction has everyone relating to him.

Jimin is such an incredibly talented dancer that sometimes everyone isn’t ready to see his skills.

bts jimin mma 2019


Watch Jaehyun’s relatable reaction to Jimin’s performance here.