In a continuation of the NHK‘s TWICE Dance Guess” game, they once against posted videos of the girls dancing with no backing track and asked fans to guess based solely on the choreography. As the game continued, the difficulty level went up, so even if you did really well last round, you may find yourself surprised this time around!

They started the game with a four-star dance by Jihyo.

Were you able to guess that she was performing “Breakthrough”?

Although Jeongyeon‘s dance was meant to be easier to guess than Jihyo’s, with a three-star rating, many fans on Twitter were stumped as to what song she was dancing to. Do you know?

If you guessed “Wake Me Up”, you should be very proud of yourself!

With a two-star difficulty rating, Tzuyu‘s dance was relatively easy to guess.

Although they haven’t officially posted the answer to this dance yet, it’s pretty apparent Tzuyu is dancing to “BDZ”!

Finally, with a five-star difficulty rating, Momo‘s dance was the most difficult to identify! Even the NHK asked, “Was there even such a dance?”

The NHK didn’t post an answer to this yet either, but it deserves its five-star difficulty rating! The resounding response among fans is “Candy Pop” with the idea that the action of Momo squatting is actually representative of her chibi self in the video.

Although a few fans think Momo might be referencing petting the reindeer in “Best Thing I Ever Did”!

What dance do you think Momo was doing? We’ll update this article as the NHK releases their answers!