New KBS Wed-Thurs drama “Nice Guy” unveiled its first teaser stills of Moon Chae Won. In the upcoming series, the actress will play Seo Eun Ki, the daughter of the CEO of Taesan Corporation. Unlike other chaebol daughters who enjoy a happy-go-lucky life, Seo Eun Ki has been raised as the successor of her father’s company. Since early childhood, she was taught to doubt others and has become a cold, indifferent woman. However, she meets Kang Maru (Song Joong Ki) and falls for him. For the first time in her life, she experiences the sweet feeling of falling in love.

A representative of the production team shared, “Once the camera starts rolling, her eyes just shine. You will rediscover this actress through this project.”

“Nice Guy” is a classic melodrama involving betrayal, revenge, and romance. The story is about a guy (Song Joong Ki) who gave everything up for the woman (Park Shi Yeon) he loves only to be betrayed by her. To get revenge on his ex-girlfriend, he uses a girl (Moon Chae Won) with amnesia.

“Nice Guy” will premiere on KBS in September.