Nichkhun and Victoria begin their journey as a “married couple” on “We Got Married” Season 2.

On today’s episode, Nichkhun boarded a special wedding bus to meet his wife, having no idea who she will be. On the way to meet her, a group of congratulating guests appeared to help Nichkhun find her.

Nichkhun was given a secret pass-code (By asking the question “What is your favorite food?”) to find find his real wife among the decoys he would meet along the way. Eventually, he found his way to f(x)’s Victoria. When realizing Victoria would be his wife, Nichkhun was seen with a smile and unable to contain his happiness.

The two then went on their first date on the roof of Building 63. Fortunately, they did not show signs of awkwardness and started their “married life” on a good note.


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