Meet Grandpa Khun! 2PM’s Nichkhun looks into the future with his glasses? On August 8th, a tweet from the Thai celebrity about his possible appearance and actions as a grandfather appeared to his followers. What did he say? Read the caption that accompanied the image below: 

“One day I’ll be wearing these glasses and yelling at my grandchildren hahaha”

Hottests were very amused by his “mature” look! Read some of their responses below:

“no no that’s are Harry Potter glasses.. my grandfather use bigger glasses :P”

“oh my, i can now imagine how u’ll look in years ahead! hahaha”

“my♥nichkhun~<333 I just found a deep quote ‘the older we get, the smarter we become’! let’s be smarter day by day~*^^*”

What do you think of his future look?

Credit: @Khunnie0624