On yesterday’s episode of MBC’s “We Got Married,” Nichkhun wouldn’t stop back hugging Victoria! The episode revealed how the two were doing for the first time since they held their official wedding.

The Khuntoria couple were dressed in matching pajamas, while Nichkhun wouldn’t bother to wake up. Victoria made everyone laugh by asking “Is our honeymoon period over?” Shortly after, Nichkhun woke up and replied “That’s not true” as he back hugged Victoria!

Victoria started cooking while Nichkhun came over to the kitchen. He said “Be careful honey,” and gave her a back hug once again! The two seemed as if they were an actual newlywed couple. Victoria stated, “Our honeymoon period isn’t over.” Meanwhile, the two went to a billiards room and Nichkhun taught Victoria how to play poll.

Netizens who have seen Khuntoria couple’s back hugs showed various reactions such as “It seems as though the two are actually dating for real,” “I almost fainted after seeing their back hugs because I got so jealous,” “You two look so natural together,” “Now the only thing left for the Khuntoria couple is for  them to become a real couple.”