A picture of 2PM’s Nichkhun working on the set of Chinese drama “One and a Half Summer” was revealed, according to Star Today.

On July 30, Nichkhun uploaded this photo on his own Weibo account with the caption, “Hello, I am Jang Ho. Behind me is Seo Ro, who plays the role of Ru Oh Man. ‘One and a Half Summer,’ hwaiting!”


In the picture, Nichkhun stands inside a classroom, with his script in front of him. He wears a grey t-shirt and white pants, and looks at the camera. His small face and features attracted many netizens.

Some of their comments were, “I have to watch that Chinese drama since he will be starring in it,” “There’s light radiating from his face,” “His body proportions are perfect,” “You must be suffering from working in this hot weather,” and “I think his new drama will be fun.”

Nichkhun plays the role of Jang Ho, a man who returns to China from America to search for his lover at a college. Filming will continue until this October, and the first episode is set broadcast next summer.