Mr.Philosophical is back! On August 19th, Nichkhun rushed to the Twittersphere to tweet some very inspiring words to the “Hottest” fans on the planet. His messages were full of puns and inspiration. Did you enjoy your day while being beautiful? Nichkhun hopes so! Enjoy his tweets below:

“Good Morning World!! Put your “Hands Up”, enjoy your day, and remember that “I’m Your Man” ~ Peace!….The world is full of B-E-A-Utiful people if you look not only with your eyes, but also with your heart! =] And YOU are one of them”

Fans retweeted his “beauty” message over one hundred times, while his morning tweet produced some additional responses. Messages like “yayaya i always remember that ^^ “, “Have a nice day. Take care na ja” and  “Oh if you could be my man…” flooded his mentions box.

What do you think of the words of Khun?

(In the photo above, he is modeling the Fall 2011 Collection for EDWIN

Credits: Bloomberg and  @Khunnie0624