2PM’s Nichkun revealed a picture that showed all of his cuteness. Through his twitter he wrote on August 29th, “You can stay under my umbrella ella ella~♬ The cool No-Hand one” (Of course this is a play on Rihanna’s famous song Umbrella where the lyrics for the chorus was, “You can stand under my umbrella.”)

In the picture, Nichkun is wearing a hat that has an umbrella attached to it and making a mischievous face.

Netizens who have seen the picture have commented, “You are so cute,” “Put me under that umbrella as well,” “You look so mischievous.”

On September 2nd and 3rd, 2PM will hold their second exclusive concert in Seoul Jamsil’s Indoor gymnasium.

Also although slightly unrelated, on August 24th Hong Seok-cheon appeared on a TV show and a confessed that 2PM’s Junho had rejected his offer of friendship. (It was also revealed on the show that Hong Seok-cheon’s ex looked just like Junho.)