Popular girl group KARA’s recently revealed Japanese snack CF is receiving a lot of attention amongst fans due to Nicole’s shocking transformation into a plump large sized girl. Reactions among netizens were favourable, with many remarking that Nichole still looked cute in her over sized form.

The CF is part of a line of healty low calorie snacks being launched by Otsuka Pharmaceutical. The company along with KARA revealed the 2 CFs during a launch press conference held on April. 10. One of these CFs was the “Obese KARA” edition, which garnered attention for it’s witty concept and special make up on Nicole.

The concept of the CF involves the KARA members dancing to their new song “Speed Up.” As the camera shifts between each member, we move to Nicole who is looking a lot more plump than usual. However this was all just part of Nicole’s imagination, where she imagines that she turns obese after snacking to her hearts content. The CF ends with Nicole eating the company’s snacks and returning to her slimmer form. The CF is expected to air in Japan starting from the 14th.

Here is the CF in question, what do you think?