The three members of JYJ have all come together for a new 2012 winter “NII” photo shoot despite their busy schedules. Jaejoong is busy with promotions for his upcoming film, “Jackal Is Coming,” Yoochun just started filming for his upcoming drama, “I Miss You” while Junsu is enjoying great popularity with his “Nice Guy” OST  song “Love Is Like A Snowflake.”

This photo shoot was held this past September. Fashion brand “NII” is gaining recognition for its retro style clothing. Since the brand is all about retro, many nostalgic props and songs were used during the photo shoot to help JYJ get more in touch with their oldschool side.

Since each JYJ member was busy with their own individual activities, it is said that they were busy chatting up a storm, catching up and updating each other’s current status. The photo shoot was said to be held in a fun atmosphere where each member couldn’t stop smiling and laughing.

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