Nine MusesEuaerin revealed she was hurt in the past when a photo of herself wearing a bikini was leaked to the public.

Female singer group Nine Muses showed up as guests for the March 29th broadcast of MnetBeatles Code 2.” When weather reporter Park Eun Ji talked about the harsh criticism she had once received for wearing a sheer fabric shirt on air, Nine Muses’ Euaerin also revealed her painful experience. 

Euaerin explained, “I once had a photo of myself wearing only a bikini leaked to the public. I took that photo during a shooting for Nine Muses’ jacket photo. But because it was too racy we decided not to include it in our album.” Unfortunately for the singer, however, the bikini photo had spread all over the internet. 

Euaerin continued, “The photos were leaked. Back then, I was still young so I was flustered that a lot of people were paying so much attention to that photo.” In addition, the singer revealed that she had received many negative comments.

She had received harsh criticisms such as, “It’s too racy,” “You’re so cheap,” and “So what if you’re tall and skinny?” She said that hurtful comments such as these had left her deep scars. 

Also on this day, Euaerin received attention for being MC Kim Tae Won‘s look-alike. She tied her hair back and made a posture similar to the MC’s, showing their resemblance.