A clip of the “Model Dols” Nine Muses practicing their dance for “Figaro” was released on the web. On August 24th, through their official fan café, the clip was released showing their nearly perfect synchronization.True to the namesake of their nickname, “Model Dol” the group features their long legs and arms for a very refreshing dance.

Netizens have commented, “You look better because you are all wearing the same T-Shirt,” “The song is good and so are the dance moves,” “I like the part of the routine where you draw stars,” “the dance moves look difficult, Nine Muses Fighting!”

Recently Nine Muses released their digital single, “Figar” and the performance features New York retro fashion and perfectly synchronized dance moves.

Back in early August, the group Nine Muses had a few hiccups. According to the agency Star Empire Entertainment on August 11th, “Rana and Bini have already talked with the agency and have left the team. The reason for this is that both individuals are going to pursue solo activities. We have said that Nine Muses would be performing as a unit because we are planning to find two more members and perform as a full 9 member group.