Nine Muses announced that they would begin unit activities but now it has been revealed they had no choice but to perform with only 7 members. The reason is that Rana and Bini quit the group.

According to the agency Star Empire Entertainment on August 11th, “Rana and Bini have already talked with the agency and have left the team. The reason for this is that both individuals are going to pursue solo activities. We have said that Nine Muses would be performing as a unit because we are planning to find two more members and perform as a full 9 member group.

Rana and Bini are still signed with Star Empire Entertainment. The agency also revealed that the two are preparing for their celebrity activities. Rana has already begun her activities as a cable broadcast emcee. In February, the members Rana, Erin, and Bini had halted their activities and rumors emerged that they had quit.

Nine Muses had debuted with the song, “No Playboy,” and they are well-known as “Model-Dols” because there are a lot of super-model members and the average height of the group is 172 cm.

Nin Muses will release a digital single on August 18th and are preparing for their imminent comeback.