The Nine Muses will release their mini album on March 8. The album jacket image was unleashed!

In the image, the Nine Muses look like they are waiting to leave for a trip via train. The background train is toned down giving the image a vintage look. Each member is making a different expression and pose.

The jacket image comes as a surprise because it is completely different from the “sexy ticket girl” teaser of Erin. This “vintage feel” image is another spin on the concept of a “ticket.” “Ticket” is the title song of the “Sweet Rendezvous album.”

Their entertainment agency Star Empire stated, “We took great pains when trying to materialize the concept of a ‘ticket.’ We thought that we would try to mix in the color of the Nine Muses with words that you associate ticket with. That is why we have tried different projects. We will continue to show off other charms of the Nine Muses with the subject of a ‘ticket.’”