Pre-photo shop photographs of variety show “Running Man” star and actress Song Ji Hyo at an advertisement photo shoot have been released showing no difference between the photo-shopped pictures and pre-photo shop pictures.

Recently, the pre-photo shop photographs with the title “Song Ji Hyo’s photo shoot photographs” were posted on an online community bulletin board.

Actress Song Ji Hyo has enjoyed a huge popularity after becoming a regular on the SBS “Good Sunday” program “Running Man” for throwing away the cultivated image of an actress, always with her hair done and makeup perfect, and boldly showing her bare, no-makeup face.

One photograph shows an absorbed Song Ji Hyo posing at the shoot in front of a Bojeong-dong café.  Another photograph is a composite comparing the released advertisement photograph with a pre-photo shop photograph showing actress Song Ji Hyo sitting next to a mannequin for one of her shots.

Netizens who viewed the photographs responded: “Of course, there is something different about an actress,” “Blank Ji Hyo, even without trying, is Pretty Ji Hyo,” “Her legs are really pretty,” It’s also good when she comes out on “Running Man,” and it’s good whenever she comes out.”